The vision of the BIM Corporation is to become a premier BI firm in the delivery of professional services including BI consulting and technical support services by adapting appropriate state of the art technology and methods, at reasonable and affordable cost to its customers.


  • Offer an uncompromising first class Business Intelligence products, service and consultancy in a modern attractive style to our customers
  • Maintain constantly an unlimited quick turnaround time consulting ideas and services to customers
  • Generate, train and maintain a highly motivated personnel in the BI sector

The Business Intelligence Management Corporation (The BIM Corporation) was first incorporated in Africa (Burkina Faso which translates into the Land of integrity) in 2013. In 2017, the company extended its business to North America, in the State of New York where the company was formed in 2017. In 2018, the BIM Corporation reached the European continent with its incorporation in the UK.

Today, the BIM Corporation is proudly present on 3 continents (Africa, America and Europe).

We are a BI and Global Management firm with a result driven mindset for all projects we work on

We are a business consulting firm and as such, we employ a variety of analytical tools and systems that make our research outcomes the needed insight for informed decisions. Our studies effectively appraise market conditions and offer recommendations that are informed by international standards and best practices while being responsive to contextual issues. Thus, we offer customized solutions to clients. We are expert at using sophisticated quantitative and qualitative data collection tools to inform our analytical work and have competence in stakeholder management. We work with institutional clients and states at different stages of development. While recognizing the unique national or local context in which a particular firm or State operates, we also undertake international benchmark studies and peer comparisons whenever it is deemed necessary in conducting our analysis.

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