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About the position

BIM Corp New York is seeking an empathetic, inspirational leader who is excited by our volunteer driven culture. The successful individual will be a strategic thinker with a data driven approach to planning and decision-making. Possessing a partner-centric mindset, the new CEO should be a strong communicator and collaborator with an innovative and entrepreneurial approach. Most of all, the organization seeks an authentic leader with intellectual curiosity and a drive to succeed. The new CEO will lead the organization’s efforts in addressing the shift in how people and partner organizations/clients want to consume content in an increasingly tech driven world – one that impacts the business consulting and the global management industry as well as associations.
Primary Responsibilities:

1. Innovation and Vision

  • Help develop and implement a strategic plan that further positions BIM Corp as an entrepreneurial and innovative organization.
  • Ensure that the creativity and fresh perspective needed to succeed is evident in everything we do – from our conversations to our planning to execution.
  • Continue to lead collaboration with client Organizations through the sharing of programming and best practices that allow each client organization to bring the realities of their profession to bear.
  • Work closely with BIIM LLC Institute of Management to develop the industry’s future professionals and to raise the standards of professionalism in the investment management industry.
  • Interact regularly and proactively with partner organizations/clients to identify needs and opportunities for BIM Corp and to develop and implement business plans for each partnership.
  • Implement strategy with the understanding of the economic, political and technological trends impacting BIM Corp and its clients.
  • Align staff and others behind a clearly articulated and compelling vision of organizational goals and objectives, leading to a steady stream of programs, products and services that clients highly value.

2. Governance and Management

  • Ensure transparency in all aspects of the organization’s decision-making and delivery of its activities.
  • Develop and deliver a scorecard/dashboard that helps the Board and staff align for optimal organizational performance.
  • Support the Board Chair in facilitating a culture of healthy governance through ongoing conversations with, as well as annual education for the Board.
  • Assure that BIM Corp always has a highly energetic and inclusive culture of communication and collaboration that allows it to become an employer of choice.
  • Ensure robust processes and procedures are in place to support the work of the organization.
  • Invest in the technology that supports the processes and work of the organization to ensure continuous excellence in service to clients.
  • Align financial systems and reporting with the forecasting and business modelling every organization needs in this environment and for the future.
  • Develop and mentor staff at all levels of the organization through inspirational leadership.
  • Guide a staff adapting to change as the organization transforms its approach to work as well as its delivery of content.
  • Ensure the organization collects, analyzes and utilizes data to support all decision-making.
  • Work closely and collaboratively with the Board to ensure the execution of the strategy, policies and procedures it develops and approves.

3. Marketing, Partnerships and Programs

  • Develop new, and deepen current, relationships and partnerships to advance the mission of the organization and the impact its clients have.
  • Inspire volunteer leaders to create, and staff to support the delivery of, best in class content for the Business Consulting and the global management industry, including through a growing online platform.
  • Oversee the development of marketing and communications strategies that highlight the organization while also telling the story of the profession it represents.
  • Ensure that BIM Corp’s programs meet and exceed clients expectations.
  • Champion BIM Corp clients in ways that advance their professional status and the work of their profession.

Measures of Success

Though specific KPIs will be developed between the Board and the newly hired executive, the following indicate the initial areas the KPIs likely will be built around:

  • A new strategic plan has been finalized and annual business plans and a three-year budget have been implemented.
  • The culture of the organization has been enhanced and BIM Corp is moving toward becoming an employer and organization of choice.
  • Our partnership with BIIM LLC Institute of Management remains strong and bear fruits in terms of students enrolled in the institute for both degree studies and certificate courses and opportunities to increase our collective impact are continuously evaluated.


The successful candidate should possess the following experiences and qualifications:

  • A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent education.
  • Advanced degree or other professional designations desirable.
  • 5 plus years of senior leadership experience.
  • Experience working with a global Management organization either as a volunteer leader or as a staff person.
  • Proven ability to manage through transformation.
  • An understanding of how to plan and leverage online and in-person events.
  • A hands-on leadership style that ensures success in a smaller organization.
  • Experience facilitating financial planning and forecasting during challenging times as well as during times of stability and of growth.
  • A strong commitment to diversity and inclusion.

About BIM Corporation

Business Intelligence Management Corporation (BIM Corp) is a Consulting, Training, Research, Global Management, Trade, and Investment firm that provide various purpose-driven service packages to meet clients’ expectations. It has its international Headquarters in New York, U.S.A. and its Africa Regional Office in Accra, Ghana covering the ECOWAS States. The firm is represented in various States including Boston-Massashusetts, Chicago-Ilinois, Newark-New Jersey, San Francisco-California and Washigton DC. Country offices are also operating in Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Morocco. Business Intelligence Management Corporation also has a large network of partners throughout USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia. Business Intelligence Management Corporation specializes in projects geared towards socio- economic transformations.

Globally, most governments, including those of developped countries, desire to establish infrastructure that support the attainment of essential public policy objectives which hardly attract private sector financing in areas such as housing, exports, SMEs and industrial development, infrastructure, and rural and local government development, especially in the african context.

By conducting Business Intelligence Research, and as a corporate organization, we assist governments to secure private sector funding on one hand while assisting the development banks and other corporate bodies, on the other, to secure funding to support their operations. Our in-depth knowledge about the complex and ever-changing interface between the private and public sources of financial services as well as risk management positions us to advise on how governments can source financing from the private sector and how the private sector can also secure the needed funding to support their operations.

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