Our Applied methodology brings together all our best practice and places it firmly at the center of the strategic management process which is in itself part of our Golden Rules of good corporate governance. At BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE MANAGEMENT CORP we provide some help and guidance to use on a smaller scale or as a “one-off” Business intelligence survey for a particular purpose (in which case a particular area covered here can be used as a base on which to elaborate) It is important to realize that while in practice you may wish to build other topics into the survey – for example customer feedback on a new product – what is covered here is purely what relates people to your organization as stakeholders. There is clearly a lot of cross-over, especially with an internal stakeholder survey, where employee feedback, for example, is clearly an important part of any Human Resource audit. And indeed we would almost recommend that the Business intelligence survey be attached to other established research programs – but only in the sense of timing and cost effectiveness. Programme evaluations are also carried out under this area of expertise. Evaluations are a key component of any programme or project management and are instrumental in answering the questions “how are we doing?” or perhaps more importantly, “how can we do it better?” The tools can be used to monitor progress towards goals, investigate differences between groups, justify funding, ensure appropriate use of resources, and improve quality in order to improve program outcomes. The US Centre for Disease Control defines evaluation as “systematic collection of information about the activities, characteristics, and outcomes of programs to make judgments about the program, improve program effectiveness and/or inform decisions about future program development.” In addition, evaluations should have the following characteristics:
  • Useful & relevant to program circumstance & stakeholder needs
  • Practical and feasible
  • Operate within financial, time, political, and resource constraints
  • Conducted within ethical manner

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